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What is the Florida Association of Partners in Education?

Florida Association of Partners in Education (FAPE) is a non-profit professional organization dedicated to enhancing student learning by building and

maintaining effective community and school partnerships. FAPE is Florida's premier professional organization for school and community involvement for

volunteer coordinators, business partnerships coordinators, business partners, educational institutions, and mentoring organizations.


FAPE's direct link to local school districts and community leaders throughout the state is its greatest strength. FAPE members connect children and classroom teachers with corporate, education, volunteer, government and civic leaders. These partners play significant roles in changing the content and delivery of educational services to children in Florida.







The goals of FAPE are to:

  • Network available resources for the information and support of effective  community and business partnerships

  • Emphasize the importance of partnerships for increasing student success

  • Promote the importance of effective partnerships to policymakers.


Mission Statement

To provide leadership in the formation and growth of effective partnerships that ensure success for all students


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