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Regional Representatives

District                    Name                         Email                                  Phone

Region 1

Leon County Schools         Kelli Walker                                      805-487-7881


Region 2

Alachua County Schools    Kelley  Kostamo                                 352-955-7250 x 6412                                    

Region 3

Osceola Public Schools       Robin Davis                                         407-870-4080


Region 4 


Region 5 

Palm Beach Schools             Stacey Oak                          561-738-2780


Representative, FLDOE  

Regional Representatives: are appointed in their respective regions. They are contacts and resources for the volunteer coordinators, business partnerships specialists and other interested individuals and groups in their region. Regional Representatives assist in recruitment of new members and encourage current FAPE members to renew their membership each year. The Regional Representatives also assist the FAPE board on projects, training's and other programs to further the reach and potential of FAPE members. 

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