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April 12, 2018 "Social Media 101"


February 21, 2018 "Running an Effective & Compliant Volunteer Screening Program"

April 20, 2017 "Out with the Old, In with the New. What Volunteer Coordinators Need to Know. 


February 21, 2017 "Celebrate Family & Community Engagement "What Volunteer Coordinators Need to Know"Presenter: Hope Williams, Director, Family & Community Engagement, FDOE

January 11, 2017 "Engaging Mentor Partners"

Presenter: Susan Schneck, Pinellas County Schools Lunch Pals Coordinator

Resource Documents

Novemeber 17,2016 "Mindset-Checkup: The First Step to Building Effective Famly School Partnerships "

Presented by Hope Williams, Director, Family & Community Egagement, FLDOE

March 29, 2016 "Engaging the New Millennium Parent" Presentation by Dr. Valerie Brimm, Pinellas County Schools


Feb 9, 2016 "Connecting & Promoting Community Partnerships" Presentation by Sara Au, Orange County Schools

Florida Department of Education

        -Family Friendly Training


        -Center (PIRC) of FND

        -Math and Parent Partnerships Overview

        -NCLB Title I Parent Involvement (PI)

        -Policy Evaluation Toolkit

       -New Coordinator Training

       -Parental Notification of Florida Parental

       -Information and Resource Center (PIRC)         of FND (PDF)

       -PTA and Partnerships

       -School Training

      -The Missing Piece of the Proficiency      


Title I Parental Involvement Policies: Resources You Can Use

Volunteer Coordinator Training

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