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Adele Graham Award Winner 2004

Adele Graham Award Winner 2004

Anne French

Anne French, the 2004 recipient of the Adele Graham Award is the Broward Public Schools District School Volunteer Coordinator. French was a pioneer in the Florida volunteer movement and served as the FIRST president of the Florida Association of Partners in Education. She birthed an innovative senior citizen program in the 80's and made that program available statewide, sharing her handbooks, training and other resources, so coordinators across the state could provide this creative opportunity for their senior volunteers and the students they would mentor. The program, Senior Mentors for Creative Students, matches talented senior citizens and students in the creative area of choice. She secured Chevron as a sponsor for the project.The Florida legislature matched the Chevron money and, through these Chevron/DOE grants, money was available to hire district senior mentor coordinators. This creative project, with its funding, resulted in a very popular, substantive mentoring opportunity. The relationships that occurred due to the program resulted in amazing opportunities for the students and the mentors. The designer of the Campbell's soup label retired to rural North Florida and became a mentor to an elementary art student. Another mentor was on the Julliard School Board of Directors. She was instrumental in persuading the school to offer her very talented high school student a scholarship.French served on both the Florida Department of Education School Volunteer Advisory Council and the Florida Commissioner of Education's Community Involvement Council. She continues to work to advocate for strong school volunteer programs with statewide networking, training and resources.


Mission Statement

To provide leadership in the formation and growth of effective partnerships that ensure the success for all students


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